Supporting a just transition to Net Zero

Our Journey


Electric Corby CIC is founded

With initial support from Corby Borough Council and private sector clean energy leaders to support the economic growth and regeneration of Corby, developing and promoting projects in sustainable energy, building and mobility.


FIRST prototype is test-driven

Electric Corby CIC received a Growing Places Fund (GPF) loan from SEMLEP to develop Zero Energy Bill Homes, funding that was crucial not only for that project, but in laying the foundations for the CIC’s work over the following 7 years.


ELECTRIC vehicle charging network

We planned and installed the first EV charging network for the area, which still ranked 13 of 380 in the UK by ESRI.


ZERO energy bill homes (zeb 1)

The delivery of ZEB 1 confirmed that buyers were prepared to pay for Eco living; highlighted the Performance Gap that UK construction needs to address; and provided vital learning which was a catalyst for ZEB 2 homes (now also known as Etopia Corby).



Corby becomes an EU demonstrator location contributing energy and use case analysis of our low carbon homes, a local school with biomass boiler and PV, Corby Business Academy and Corby Enterprise Centre. We demonstrate how to achieve 30-40% reduction in greenhouse gases and energy consumption.


Corby Community Energy Ltd

We set up and manage a new connected energy micro-grid community bringing together businesses and residents to enable lower long term local energy costs.


CHESS EU Horizon 2020 Project

We implement and test an efficient year-round heating system developed to supply buildings via renewable solar energy, with smart active control, that matches supply and demand and an innovative earth bank that stores excess summer heat underground for winter use via ground source heat pumps.


Etopia Homes – ZEB2

We led the development of 47 zero carbon, energy positive eco-homes providing better than ‘passiv’ standards of insulation, along with smart active management of solar and thermal PV panels, EV charging, shared battery storage balancing, and earth bank seasonal thermal storage to optimise the efficient use of local generation across the homes. ZEB 2 is now a BEIS UK government “Building for 2050” exemplar case study to showcase Modern Methods of Construction that tackle the energy performance gap


Distributed Ledger Technology Energy Micro-Grid Management Platform

Innovate UK funded project to develop a Distributed Ledger Technology Micro-Grid Management Platform for our ‘Nearly Zero’ Energy Community providing active energy empowerment based on forecast energy, flexibility, energy sharing, storage and demand-side engagement


CENEX Partnered EV Projects

Reviewed and reported on common standards for charging hubs and distribution network connections, and assessed the potential for deploying buffer batteries to support public EV charging.


RE-Cognition EU Project

Horizon 2020 project that installed and tested a combination of 18 different innovative technologies for generating and managing renewable energy. We installed a novel self-adjusting vertical axis wind turbine led system for use on roofs in built-up urban areas that have complex wind dynamics.


Fleet EV

Innovate UK project that reviewed three years local EV charging data to develop predictive AI software that successfully and accurately forecast charging needs, to enable better management of EV charging infrastructure for drivers, fleets and communities within local depot and grid constraints.



Horizon 2020 EU project for scaling up Virtual Power Plants across communities that flex their demand to match grid demand signals using AI and block-chain technologies. We helped develop the user platforms and ran the pilot in the UK and Europe, setting up and managing new combined business and residential energy communities that use new monitoring hardware and software.



Established the current carbon gap and steady state forecast, then we reviewed over 8,000 different technologies, projects and initiatives to identify the top 60 that could take our county to net zero in the lowest, risk-adjusted, cost way. Recommended the strategy and roadmap for delivery through to 2040.


Planning New Garden Communities

Ongoing advisors to the Local Authority planning unit and to master developers on net zero and sustainability for the area’s seven new garden communities of over 28,000 new homes.


Digtial Twin Model

Using the carbon analysis of different interventions from our NN2NZ project, we are developing a digital twin to map the carbon and energy impact of different strategies, options and interventions to aid the planning process to net zero.
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