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Net Zero for Business

Our service shows you how to save money on your energy bills through an Energy Savings and Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) audit, how to grow your business by getting the ISO compliance required for winning new big government and blue chip corporate contracts, and how to prove it through finding and getting the right accreditation for your needs.

Our 2NZ ISO ESOS service offers businesses and organisations three advantages and benefits:

SAVE £ – by undertaking an energy and emissions audit following the regulatory ESOS (energy savings opportunities scheme) approach now mandated for big businesses, we will identify ways businesses can reduce their carbon emissions, which also saves money on energy bills

GROW £ – our energy and sustainability analysis will enable us to show you how you comply with current ISO standards that are increasingly required for winning large contracts (mandatory now for government contracts over £5m, and increasingly expected through the supply chain for any SME supplying goods and services to large retailers, manufacturers, or any business measuring Scope 3 ESOS impacts. By showing how you comply will help you bid for new business and retain existing business, or if you don’t yet comply, we can show you what you need to do to comply

PROOF – we can advise you on, and help you get the right certification for your needs from the wide range available, enabling you to evidence certification to customers, and also your green credentials to your employees and local community.

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