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EV charging and e-mobility local transport hubs for places

We established one of the UK’s first electric vehicle charging infrastructure networks back in 2011 through Electric Corby, and since then have worked on numerous leading EV projects, including programme managing the build of Europe’s largest EV mobility hub with 40 rapid and ultra-rapid charge-points for Energy SuperHub Oxford, linked through a private wire to a 50mw battery and the national transmission network. We have helped shape and test strategy across Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, and the OxCam Arc, leveraging our electric vehicle prototyping background.

Through advanced forecasting and geo-spatial software along with real-life stress-testing, we can help you locate, set up and manage new EV hubs in the best places for the best returns in your area, leveraging local transport links, cycle-paths, e-bike hire, last mile delivery depots and EV car sharing clubs to help make the best transition to clean transport.

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