Energy Autonomous Buildings: RE-COGNITION

Renewable, cogeneration and storage technology integration for energy autonomous buildings.

RE-COGNITION is a EU Horizon 2020 ‘Building a Low-Carbon, Climate Resilient Future’ project. 

We are performing R&D on new forms of renewable generation, including the installation and commission of a small-scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), novel communication gateway devices and an automated renewable energy optimisation platform.

The revolutionary VAWT system uses pivoting blades to maximise the amount of energy that can be harvested from the wind by up to 4 times and is ideal for generating in gusty, urban environments.

Funding for this 6 million euro project is provided as part of a three-year EU Horizon 2020 programme. 

The project is supported by a European consortium of fifteen partners from the UK, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Netherlands and Switzerland. We run one of six pilot sites across Europe testing new, more efficient forms of renewable generation.

As part of the project we have also investigated the role of Responsibility in Research and Innovation (RRI) with Bristol University. Through RRI we have explored the responsibility that technology makers need to take in order to create equitable and safe, future-ready net zero solutions and also new methods to engage the public about zero carbon technologies through 3D virtual reality and artist events in the community and encourage better take-up of new zero carbon technologies.