Advanced Grid Services from EVs: Fleet EV

Providing advanced grid services through optimised EV community and fleet charging.

Electric Places led the Fleet EV feasibility study project for the Innovate UK Catalysing Green Innovation 2: Securing the Future of ZEV competition.

We recruited, set up and researched test user communities, undertook market analysis, facilitated software testing and feedback, and assisted with project management and the business model development.

We included a varied valid sample of user groups for the project:

  • Local network of public charge-points – providing 3 years real data for profiling usage, demand and growth
  • Urban & Civic new residential Priors Hall development research and tested views on shared EVs for the community
  • Enterprise Centre – a SME business gated community gated where limited parking and charging space within an energy constrained site needs to be managed to suit its many keen early adopters of EVs
  • Taxi community – Corby has the largest taxi fleet outside London, including electric cabs, where availability of rapid charging facilities is a real issue
  • Borough Council – operate a growing fleet of EVs, which provided extensive vehicle telematics data to help modelling

Cranfield University used AI and machine learning to analyse existing and new data to develop a highly accurate charging forecasting model to help energy management.

The cleantech firm SNRG will build this into their energy management model, and their e-Mobility as a service proposition, with a new user interface that enables communities to manage EVs efficiently:
  • provide shared EV’s for community use,
  • enable private EV users to book charge-points,
  • and to manage the charging of all private and shared EVs in the most efficient way to meet forecast demand within a site’s energy renewable supply and grid constraints

The market for this management software across fleet and site managers will be considerable as the UK switches to electric.